InsightFull Brand

Brand Growth

With the increasing explosion of retail and consumer brands now available to anyone anywhere, it is critically important to understand how your brand measures up to the expectations and experiences of today's consumers.  Specifically:

  • what brand values are important and how do you measure against them
  • what are the drivers of retail and brand choice and are you focussing on the right differentiators
  • what are the key factors that will influence consumers' choices and position your brand ahead of the rest

InsightFull Brand Growth research identifies key brand choice drivers that influence shoppers and consumers to choose one product or service over another and one store to purchase from over another.

We help you understand how your brand differentiates and how you can leverage that to grow market share.  We then use these brand associations to help you develop insights-led marketing plans and sales activation strategies based on your target market preferences.

Our Brand Trackers provide both strategic direction and practical application. We tailor our studies to focus on what you need to better understand, whilst developing clear KPIs that you can benchmark across products, categories, retail channels and regions.