Our Story

2020 has been a year of total disruption and is proving unexpectedly tough for many people.  

Sometimes, from adversity comes opportunity. When we sat down and talked we realised that our mutual passion for research and consulting came from a shared set of core values and experiences. We respect, trust, and complement one another. And, most importantly, recent projects had proven that we can do absolutely great work together.

So we stopped and thought seriously about what this could mean. Then, with the total support of our life partners, we agreed there was potential for a new business venture and that the timing was right. One that combines our knowledge and expertise in a boutique full-service consulting and research agency. One that is committed to doing excellent work for New Zealand brands and businesses as we all navigate whatever the future holds.

We have been in touch with our key contacts and had lots of very helpful feedback. It’s exciting and we are thrilled to be bringing this new agency to the New Zealand market, as there are many opportunities our collective experience can fulfil.

Our Playbook is ready and our (virtual) door is open for business.

Welcome to InsightFull