Magazine Editor Testimonial

"At the heart of my role as an editor of the country's two top-selling women's magazines -  Woman's Day and New Zealand Woman's Weekly - was my relationship with readers. These wonderful, everyday Kiwi women were my purpose for 15 years, the reason I couldn't wait to get to work each day. She was my valued customer and I owed her my deepest loyalty and service. As an editor, I steered my team's efforts towards finding, serving and keeping these readers. 

I got to know these readers in various ways – stories, letters, events, social media, phone calls. But it was Kate Terry and her research team who gave me the most valuable insights into who she was. Through regular research – reader panels, subscriber surveys and focus groups – Kate provided a comprehensive profile of the magazine readership, and the intensity of attachment to the magazine, its stories, sections and columnists.

Kate is a master communicator, and she was in her prime facilitating focus groups, delighting in hosting and hearing what readers really felt about the magazine. The insights she distilled and shared from each research session - always presented with brilliance and passion - allowed me to evolve the content to best serve the needs of our readers and advertising clients.

Researching and getting to truly understand the wants and needs of my readers became one of the great joys of editing magazines, due largely to the expertise of Kate"

Sido Kitchin
Magazine Editorial Director

Posted: Wed 01 Jul 2020