Women's Fashion Testimonial

"In a large retail company your views can become very entrenched about your customers, the market and where you sit in that space. In an ever changing retail landscape sometimes you need to challenge that to check the health of your business.

Belinda came in to scope out a big project on our women’s apparel business. She very quickly understood the objectives and tackled it head on. Kate was an integral part of the research team who designed and undertook our Foundation Fashion study then followed this by going in-store with shoppers (fans and critics of our brand) to truly understand their experiences and needs. The research presentations were outstanding. Belinda and Kate both have a very professional, organised and calm attitude and were able to articulate the findings in a way that all levels of the business could understand.

The insight that they gave us provided the company with a lot of food for thought and, crucially, the insights needed to remain relevant and move forward as a business"

Elizabeth Mannell
Former Head of Womens Fashion | Farmers

Posted: Wed 17 Jun 2020