InsightFull Shopper

The Essence of Purchase Decision-making

The purchase of any product or service, whether a regular daily occurrence or a one-off, is preceded by a series of decision-making moments often referred to as the ‘path-to-purchase’ (P2P). P2P starts when something triggers a ‘desire to buy’ and ends with the decision to buy or not buy. Throughout this decision journey the shopper considers many factors when deciding where to shop and what to buy. 

Understanding this enables retailers and brands to tailor activity based on how shoppers shop.   

Shopper research helps retailers and brands understand which of the decision-points are most important for shoppers and gives deep insight into where and how to optimise the purchase.  Whether it's a highly habitual or deeply considered purchase, there is always an opportunity to improve shopper conversion.  

Shopper insights will inform you as to who, what, when and where matters the most - providing clear direction for range and assortment, distribution, price, promotions, merchandising, events and sponsorship, advertising and media, communications and loyalty programmes.

Our Shopper approach is designed to inform and improve sales and marketing activity based on a deep understanding of buyer behaviour. 

Belinda is an expert in this area having worked for global shopper & retail research agencies developing and implementing world class marketing research-based solutions - then bringing this experience to New Zealand.  Recently she has worked with a number of leading retailers bringing shopper to those organisations, whilst consulting on best-practice with their suppliers and agencies. 

InsightFull Shopper P2P studies cover the following key influences:

  • Triggers and Occasions
  • Channel Preference
  • Store Choice Drivers
  • In-store/Online Experience
  • Shopper Satisfaction and Gap Analysis
  • Improvement Opportunities
  • Category Conversion – Role of Category, Brand Loyalty, Price Elasticity, Promotional Effectiveness
  • Media Influences
  • The Role of Digital
  • Loyalty and Preference