InsightFull Retail

The Perfect Store

The point at which a buyer meets a product, at the actual or virtual shelf, is the most important relationship in the buying process. Whether the path-to-purchase has been lengthy and detailed or spur-of-the-moment, all influences, touchpoints, considerations, and behaviours to that point support the momentary decision to buy or not buy.

At this stage much of the emotional decision making is over and a more practical and pragmatic decision process is underway. Fact and feature comparison, price-checking, promotional tactics, and brand massaging will all now play a critical part in whether an item gets chosen or rejected.

The Decision Junction is when all needs, desires, considerations and comparisons have passed and the emotional connection to make the purchase has kicked in. Does the shopper buy, delay or defer.

At this juncture both Retailers and Brands have as important an part to play in fulfilling the shopper's needs.  Category location, Shelf layout, Range, Pack Size, Price, and Promotion all come to the fore in the choice decision.

Our Perfect Store studies inform an ideal shopper experience based on understanding key purchase indicators and satisfaction drivers. They are designed to maximise the effectiveness of online and instore execution, focussing on what is important to shoppers and how the store is performing against shoppers' expectations.

Using various techniques InsightFull Retail will inform:

  • Adjacencies – Store Layout and Navigation
  • Planograms – Shelf Layout
  • In-store Comms – Ticketing, Point of Sale (POS),
  • POS Effectiveness
  • Customer Engagement Programmes
  • Shopper Activation Strategies
  • Through The Line (TTL) Media
  • Retail Promotions

Retailers – understand why shoppers choose your store over the competitors and how to execute the Perfect Store

Brands – understand how to grow your share of category, and create channel & retail blueprints for increased rate of sale